What we do

We are a volunteer organization. We are concerned about women’s trafficking, women’s violence, child labor, and child trafficking, and we try to prevent them and make the victims confident through counseling.
It conducts special training for women and children to develop their self-defense skills and help them gain control over their own lives. We try to give special health education to illiterate women and children.

Name and Designation of Responsible person

Council of Administrators

  • Harsha Bahadur Lama – President
  • Samjhana Tamang- Vice-President
  • Ganga Tamang- Secretary
  • Bijay Krishna Lama- Join Secretary
  • Surya Bahadur Lama- Treasurer
  • Sunita Tamang-Executive Member
  • Amrita Tamang- Executive Member
  • Maya Thapa- Executive Member
  • Kunjan Nepali- Executive Member

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • Ram Maya Tamang – Chairperson from Action Team (ExPresident)
  • Tina Lama- Member from Action Team    (Ex-Secretary)
  • Bijay Lama- Member from vulnerable community
  • Akal Bahadur Lama- Member from General Assembly (Ex-Joint Secretary)
  • Samjhana Tamang- Member from Women Group (Ex-Member)
  • Raju Lama-Member from Backward Community (Ex-Member)
  • Suresh Lama- Member from International Organizations (Ex-Member)
  • Indira Tamang- Member from Survivors
  • Maili Tamang- Member from Community Vigilance Committee
  • Bir Maya Tamang- Member from Self-Help Grups
  • Shiva Lal Shrestha- Member from Volunteers
* Member More than 56 general members and 13 active members

Contact Person
Head office

Tanka Lama
Executive Director – KCDC Nepal
Tell: +977 1 4390779/016202017/010561810
Mobile: +977 1 9841 25 80 71,

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